My girlfriend’s sister just got back from vacation in Tahiti, and we were drinking together since she was gone for four months. My girlfriend had way too much to drink and passed out, but her sister decided to bust out the photos from her trip anyway. About halfway through she landed on this and lingered on it just long enough to see my cock harden in my pants.

"Wow Anne, that is the finest scenery in Tahiti," I said trying to play it cool. I knew it came out terrible, but I was so flustered it was all I could do to prevent myself from leaning over and capturing her tongue in my mouth.

"It wasn’t in Tahiti," she said playing with her collar. "How oblivious are you?" It took me a minute to realize she had on the same sweater in the picture that she was wearing right now.

"Damn, that is the guest room closet, Jesus fuck, you are dev…" She cut me off by leaning across me, sliding her tongue in my mouth, and stroking my dick through my jeans. I opened one eye to make sure my girlfriend was still asleep and hungrily kissed her back.

My girlfriend’s family isn’t so bad after all.

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